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Assassin of the Tsar

On the night of 16-17 June 1918, without any court case or investigation, Czar Nikolai II, his family and some of the people closest to them were assassinated in Yekaterinburg. Several decades on, an «eyewitness», at one time a prison inmate and now a long-term resident at a psychiatric hospital, believes he assassinated the czar, and recounts the events of that terrible night.

— Official member of the Cannes Film Festival main contest, France (1991)
— Grand Prize at the International Film Festival, Belgrade (1991)
— «Nika» Award for Best Costume Designer (Romanova, V.) (1992)
— «Nika» Award for Best Actor in the films «Assassin of the Tsar» and «Passport» given to Yankovsky O.I. (1992)

The Battleship Potemkin


The film — the story of the mutiny on the battleship «Prince Potemkin» in 1905 in Odessa residents supported the rebellion of sailors, which led to the bloody death of the crowd by tsarist troops. The film twice (in 1952 and 1958) was named the «world’s best film.»

Restored and the music of Shostakovich voiced the historical and revolutionary epic modal study in film schools all over the world. In 1978, «Battleship» topped the list of one hundred best films of all time according to a survey of hundreds of film experts from 59 countries worldwide.— Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Paris (France). (1926)— The film was named best in the history of cinema Referendum hundred major filmmakers of the world in Belgium. (1954)— The film is named first among the most important in the history of cinema referendum held by the magazine «Cinema» (Poland).(1972)— Voted the best film of 1926 by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Los Angeles (USA). (1926)— The film was named a third of the ten best films in the history of cinema critics of the referendum conducted by the magazine Web site End Sound «(England) (1972)— The film was named the first one hundred best films in cinema history in a poll of film critics the world, conducted by the Italian publishing house «A.Mondadori» in Milan (Italy) (1978)

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