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Ivan’s Childhood


Golden Lion of St. Mark Award (jointly with the movie «Family Chronicle» Valerio Dzurlini, Italy) at the XXIII International Film Festival in Venice (Italy) (1962) — Prize «Golden Gate» for best director, honorary diploma of participation in the VI International Film Festival in San Francisco (USA) (1962) — Prize «Golden Head of Palenque,» diploma «for the poetic direction, condemning the war» on V show of festival films in Acapulco (Mexico) (1963) — International Technology Award I degree for high quality photography, lighting, sound effects and degree of participation in the III International Film Competition Technical V UNIATEK Congress in Moscow (1962) — Certificate of participation and nomination for «Oscar» of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Los Angeles (USA) in the category «Best Foreign Language Film» (1963) — Certificate of participation in the anti-fascist cinematographic retrospective at the XVII International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (Czechoslovakia) (1970) — Certificate of participation at the VII International Film Festival in New Delhi (India) (1981)